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Free support for tutors and pupils worldwide

Music Lessons Plus is dedicated to making teaching and learning music accessible. The cool, bright, user-friendly website lets tutors create their own profile pages so that students can find a tutor in their area, in their specialty and in their budget. Music Lessons Plus gives tutors the opportunity to build a 6 page profile which can include photos, videos, and recordings, all to help promote their teaching business. The site is accessible and organised meaning that tutors needn’t be good at computers to have a great looking profile. Music Lessons Plus also offers tutors the chance to network and interact with other tutors, potential students, and even keep in touch with past students via personalised forums and blog pages.



For students, whether beginners or experienced musicians, Music Lessons Plus can help find a tutor that best suits individual needs, by letting the student pick him or her out themselves. In essence students have the opportunity to visit tutor profiles and interact with them before even having their first lesson. The goal of Music Lessons Plus is to raise the standards of private tuition by providing a professional, efficient and friendly service for both tutors and students. All of the details have been taken care of so that Tutors can focus on sharing their love of music with students passionate about learning.




Use Music Lessons Plus to develop your teaching business



How it works

You can create your very own six page profile for free, click Register in the main menu. As soon as you create your profile/website, we’ll add you to our database & start promoting your teaching service.  Potential pupils interested in having lessons with you can get in touch directly from your profiles contact page via a quick and easy email form, or (if you choose to display your number) by phone.  


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Who can create a profile?

Music Lessons Plus aims to support talented, competent tutors. If that describes you then we can definitely help you create a strong online presence and build a steady/growing pupil base.


I already have a website, how will this benefit my teaching practice?

There’s a big difference between A; having a really nice looking personal website that promotes you as a musician & B; having a profile dedicated to your tutoring that really works for you and connects new learners to your teaching business..... it’s good to have both.


What do I need to get started?

Music Lessons Plus is not just a basic directory, we want your profile to be really useful to aspiring/new musicians looking for lessons. You will need to enter your narrative & introduction, teaching methods, and basic details before your profile can be created, it should take you between 5/10 minutes. You can always come back and add/edit your profile anytime. To get started just click "Next" at the bottom of this page.


The more quality content (text) you add to your profile the more you will be found.

We believe that if you’re a good teacher, communicating must be one of your strengths, so the more you communicate to potential learners via your profile, the more you will be found. We want your enthusiasm for teaching & your passion for music to show in your profile, which in turn will help you to connect to more learners. 


Peace of mind

We have a very user friendly privacy policy,  all the content you add to your profile remains yours and can be completely removed should you wish to delete your account. We don’t ask for any sensitive information such as exact address, date of birth or any financial details.  You do have the option to delete your profile and remove your information should you choose to.




Music Lessons Plus was created in 2008 in the UK (by Mr J King), as a result of its popularity MLP was re-launched in 2012 to support a global network of music tutors and students. is free to use and is funded by sponsors who want to have a positive impact on music via education.


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