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Title  :   A good week!
Date  :   2012-08-31  ,Posted by  :   nickzala

Well, here's my first blog!  A good week's teaching in what is usually the quietest week of the year.Many questions to answer re playing over minor sequences- that is to say what do you do when you have got a bit bored with the minor pentatonic.

There's alot of stuff talked about this subject but basically think natural minor - or natural minor with a raised 6th..... (type 1 or type 2 as I call them.)- both of which can be created with major scales.....

Also material taught this week on a less theoretical note (no pun intended..) included Ed Sheeran (with some sneaky 5 string use of the capo), and The Manic Street Preachers- as well as some writing tips with the highly promising Charlie Piggot- if he doesn't get a deal then there really is no justice!

That's all for now folks!