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Need help creating your profile?


Did you know.... Music Lessons Plus has only recently launched, we're still in the process of  putting together a really useful help section.


If you have any problems, queries/feedback or technical difficulties send us a quick message via our contact page and we'll get back to you personally. In the mean time here's a few quick help tips.


  1. Username
  2. Mapping & location
  3. Profile image
  4. Adding a video to your profile
  5. Validation code
  6. Editing your profile once it has been created
  7. Receiving messages from pupils
  8. Uploading additional pictures
  9. Posting a blog
  10. Using the forum
  11. Promoting your profile



1. Choosing your username

Only letters and numbers can be accepted, for best results in sourcing pupils try to pick a username that relates to your area and your instrument/s. Your username will be on public view & will make up part of your profile's URL (



2. Mapping & location

It’s really important that we have your location correct. Make sure you enter county, zip/post code, town/city, road/street, avoid entering building numbers/names.



3 .Profile picture

Upload limit 1MB,  all image files excepted.


 4. Adding video

Music Lessons Plus only accepts YouTube videos. Just go to the YouTube video you wish to display, click share, copy the highlighted code, then paste into the YouTube field within your MLP create/edit profile page.



5. Validation code

Below the empty field you’ll see a group of random letters & numbers in red, just type the text you see into the field,  it’s case sensitive so make sure you get it right.



 6. Editing your profile

Once you have created a profile you can edit it whenever you want, all changes are instant. Simply login and click on “edit profile” from the main menu, make your changes and click “update” .



7. Receiving messages from potential pupils

If a potential student contacts you via your profile’s contact page the message will be immediately sent to your Music Lessons Plus inbox, a notification will be sent to your actual email to let you know you have an enquiry. Login and click “Inbox” to access all messages.


 8. Uploading additional pictures

Once logged in you can upload up to 4 pictures, click on “gallery”, click the small button next to "add gallery", select an image from your computer's files and click Submit. All image files are accepted, try and keep the files under 1MB  if you want your profile to load up fast.



9. Posting a blog

Your profile doubles up as a blog, just click 'teachers blog', followed by 'post blog', you can edit posts anytime as well as edit comments on your posts left by others.



10. Using the forum

Only teachers registered with Music Lessons Plus may post here, so make sure you are logged in. You can access the forum from More in the main menu or directly from your account.



11. Promoting your profile

As soon as you have created a profile it will be searchable within our database, it should take Google and other search engines 1-2 weeks to have you included in their own search results.






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