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The drums are a fundamental part of most types of music. Why? The drummer is the one that keeps everyone else in the band together and on time. His or her rhythm dictates the speed, tempo, tone and even volume of a song. The drummer engages directly with the audience as well, as you’ll often find yourself clapping along or tapping your foot to the beat of the music.


Think this specialty could be for you? Our talented group of tutors can help. Because they are experienced teachers as well as musicians, our tutors can help you to not only get to grips with the fundamental aspects of drumming, but they can also help you to expand your range and creativity…it’s up to you and it’s all possible at 



Useful resources for drummers, recommended by our tutors. - Drum articles & lessons, downloadable lessons ranging from Jazz to rock, beginner to advance. - If you like your old school vintage drum kits, then this site is for you. The site has tonnes of reviews, images and advice for people interested in buying/selling old drum kits as well as advice on kit restoration. - Video lessons, downloadable pdf lessons, transcriptions and other downloads, all the latest drum related news, gear reviews and much more (this is a subscription based website). - Drummer forum, videos, articles, reviews and classifieds. You can subscribe to this site for free and join their massive community of musicians & keep up to date with all the latest. -  Video lessons from a collective group of drum teachers, you'll find a lot quality content here ranging from, reading drum music, basic theory, beats & rudiments, techniques and much more.

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Best drum blogs on the web

There's a lot of amazing drummers out there, luckily for us some of these folks have a gift for sharing their knowledge, here's a pick of our favourites. - Great site full of drum related articles, learn about your favourite drum & cymbal brands, discover the top drummers of today.

Allthingsloud - Tech orientated blog (by John Cohan), this blog covers everything you'll need to know when it comes to setting up your drum kit, making it sound great, how to mic it, as well as articles on how a lot of the top drummers of today have their kits set up. - Street drumming at its best. This blog is an archive of street drumming videos, get inspired! - A hub of info & articles written by a collective of enthusiastic drummers. Advice on buying kits, repairing its, sound proofing, videos and more

Best of the web - Probably the best drumming resource you'll find on the web (in our opinion). This website is full of amazing videos that will inspire, teach and enrich your drumming life. The site has developed into a fantastic world wide drumming community, so do check out the forum. This site is great for any drummer whether you're teaching or learning or just love the drums!


 - Music Lessons Plus particularly endorses any organization that enhances the standards of teaching, and this guild does just that. Primarily aimed at drum teachers based in the USA, this site (founded in 2008 and run by professional drum educators) offers professional support via all kinds of useful resources that encourage high standards of teaching. You'll find the community and the guys who run it friendly and welcoming, so be sure to check it out.


 - Wouldn't it be great if drum teachers could be part of a community based around a particular teaching method that has been tested an perfected over years, that's what Drumsense is all about. The Drumsense method (created by Collin Woolway) is designed to give drum teachers the tools and resources they need to take complete beginners through all the steps they need to become confident players. The site has a great community and forum with many active members all keen to enthuse and motivate their fellow drum teachers, be sure to check it out!



 - Probably one of the most active drummer forums on the web. This site is great if you want to keep up to date with all the new drum related news, it's full of gear reviews, articles and helpful resources. Most of the content is user generated so it's jam packed full of really helpful info, so whether you're looking to meet other drummers, learn how to mic up a kit or just looking for some feedback & reviews for a snare you're thinking of buying, this is a great site to check out.  




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