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Piano & Voice, Singing , Music theory lessons in Laramie
with Rubia Santos

 Teaching Philosophy

My teaching aims to motivate and engage young students in becoming independent learners in every aspect of their study. Expectations include building knowledge of repertoire and the history of music, advancing technical skills, and auditory image within a creative process.

I always communicate with students about appropriate means of how to practice for becoming knowledgeable and creative in all activities during their studies. Comments and reflections on this process become a part of OUR interaction in lessons.

The progressive study of the repertoire requires mastering basic performing skills. They are:

·      Proper posture (upper and lower body awareness)

·      Rhythmic concept

·      Proper tone quality

·      Dexterity (from slow to fast playing)

·      Phrasing contour

·      Adequate fingering

·      Pedaling

Creative activities applied

·      Gesture and sound connection

·      Listening activities (singing, recordings)

·      Improvisation

·      Rhythmic element and body motion connection (not only counting!)

·      Composing (by ear and writing)


A unique aspect of my approach is the inclusion of experimental activities for performing without tension, free of pain and with pleasure! This approach, applied to the instrument, is based on my own studies of the somatic instruction called The Feldenkrais Method®, which enhances performance, awareness and purpose of movement in all activities of one’s live. I am a certified teacher for Awareness Through Movement in the Method.

 In addition, the study of an abstract form of art, such as music, constantly challenges the level of the individuals’ discipline, endurance, and self-confidence in performing. In preparing for these qualifications, students will draw from both, their understanding (intellect) and emotional response (sensorial).

I firmly believe that students’ engagement to these activities is extremely beneficial to their qualifications as future musicians and performers.  They become attentive learners and can concentrate easily when performing any task. In addition, it is already scientifically proved that learning in this way will help students to transfer what they learn, effectively, to other activities they might do at school, learning new courses, creating new projects, and participating in teamwork.


Private lessons in private homes can be scheduled for the Fort Collins, Denver, CO areas upon contact by email or phone.


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