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Safety guidelines



Learn Music Stay Safe


That might as well be our mantra because at Music Lessons Plus your safety and the safety of our tutors is our top priority. However, because we can’t specifically screen every tutor and student, here are some simple tips to help you to stay safe while on our site and while engaging your tutor.

  • Don’t share any personal information about yourself or give out any credit card/bank account details on the site or via email with the tutor. Never send anything in an email that you wouldn't put on a postcard. 


  • If you’re enquiring about having a lesson, do not hesitate to ask the tutor all of the same questions that you would ask him/her face to face:


  • Have a chat! It’s probably best to have a chat with your prospective tutor on the phone before you go to meet them. Again though, do not ever give out your home address or credit card/bank account details over the phone.


  • Use the free 20 minute consultation provided by MusicLessonsPlus and your tutor to assess whether or not you can work together.


  • Treat your meeting with your prospective tutor as if you were going over to a strangers house for the first time, no harm in bring a parent/family member or friend with you for backup (plus they’ll probably enjoy hearing you practice…).


  • Be open and honest with your tutor… They are genuine people who want to share their passion of music with you. Do you dream of studying the saxophone in collage or becoming a rock star, or are you more interested in learning a few tunes for your Gran’s birthday party… Either way, letting you teacher know the kind of commitment you want to make or your reasons for wanting to learn an instrument will help him/her to teach you better!


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